Sinking or swimming?

Fabrizia Ranelletti

Use of materials, archetypes of new and vital seeds. Hidden lines of strength laid bare in their cruel and absolute truth. Vibrant twistings and eddyings of tormented dramaturgy. The projects for representation chosen, in most cases, start from horizontal lines and then lead into three-dimensional structures. The artistic techniques used range from modeling in bronze and wax, to applications in aluminum and wood, from the paintings to the installing. The mysteries of the human soul are deeply explored and expressed through "listenable and palpable” tortuous forms and imbued with indomitable energy. The centrality of the centripetal motion is a constant presence in the work of Alessandro Di Cola with his capacity for regeneration.
A never-broken line, active, even if only sensed, gives continuity with its spiral motion capturing surrounding energy and absorbing it, structurally, into its global compositional make-up. The mask, an instrument for denial, protection, deception or more simply, games. For each of us it is a symbol of allegory, for the artist, in most cases, it takes on a sinister meaning such is the effort made to reach the uniformity necessary to achieve the ‘appropriate’ model needed to climb social ladder; victorious but destructive. A symbol of fear with deep roots thus tied inextricably to the struggle for life. To be or appear?
A philosophical doubt widely analyzed and abused, but never unriddled. The inner world of Our __? __ observes woman, mythologizing her, projecting memories, desires and fears onto her. The distance thus created is filled by a language of expressions adapted to a world of sensations, in harmony with the original intent and stranded between physicality and concept. The forms take possession of the passional space with ecstatic evolution, at times, tortured and torn, setting limits that play on doubts and changeability. Shreds, and fragments of bodies arched and circling in order to achieve sublimation and then swallowed up by the magnetic forces formed by human thoughts and behavior that scan while at the same time, ensnare the inner rhythm of the work. There is an ever-present entity throughout Alessandro’s works; a Hand, a Saving Hand, a ballast, a regulator of the numerous, conflicting emotional energies. The thought is possessed in itself of a generating valence as well as hope. A post script of a powerful gesture with magnetic force that emphasizes space, holding it, grasping it, supporting everything it encounters in its path.
Sinking or Swimming?