Alessandro Di Cola

Alessandro Di Cola was born in Rome in 1981, attended Art School and later graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome. His work focusses on the expression of the "soul" and springs from emotions and feelings he has experienced and brought to completion through the realization of his works.

Keen observer of Nature, he spends most of his time in search of an "open dialogue" from which he unleashes a strong, though balanced, tension, fundamental to the "work". Thus it is from Nature herself, that he receives cues, perceiving her as a universal language of shapes and generator of ideas.

Main collective exhibition

2012 – Global project 2012-artists at home and abroad, Broadway Gallery, New York, USA

2012 – Confronti senza Frontiere, Accademia di Romania, Rome, Italy, curated by Giorgio Palumbi

2011 – Florence Biennale, Fortezza da Basso, Florence, Italy

2011 – La Dolce Vita, Théâtre du Vésinet,le Vésinet, Paris, curated by StudioZero

2011 – Noi Credevamo il 1861 nel 2011, Complesso dei Dioscuri al Quirinale, Rome, Italy, curated by Claudio Crescentini, Agostino Bagnato

2011 – Massenzio Arte, XV° Premio Internazionale d’Arte, ISA (Istituto Superiore Antincendi ), Rome, taly

2011 – Premio Eureka 2011, Palazzo Mazzancolli, Terni, Italy, curated by Carlo Roberto Sciascia

2011 – International contest of Art “il Giocattolo”, Palazzo Rospigliosi, Rome, Italy

2010 – Triennial Mission art, Embassy of Egypt, Rome, Italy, curated by Livio Garbuglia

2009 – “Bombay Sapphire Glass Design Competition”, Terrazza Martini, Milan, Italy


Primo Segnare, Accademia San Luca - 2011 - Roma

Personal exhibition

2012 - "una cifra naturale", GlobArt Gallery, Acqui Terme, Alessandria, curated by Adolfo Carozzi

2012 – Big Bang, Massenzio Arte, Rome, Italy, curated by Maria di Cola

2011 – Equilibri interni, Milluminalistinto Gallery, Rome, Italy

2011 – Forms, ArtTime Gallery, Udine, Italy

2009 – Associazione Raffaele Andreassi, Rieti,Italy, curated by Lamberto Giancarli


NYARTS - sutured images - by Paul Gost
vol. 20 winter 2013

"Una cifra naturale", ArsKey - 2012

Spoleto Festival Art 2011
Galleria Polid’Arte, Spoleto, Italy

Premio ArsWall 2011
GlobArt Gallery, Acqui Terme (AL), Italy

“Noi Credevamo il 1861 nel 2011”
Complesso dei Dioscuri al Quirinale, Rome, Italy

Florence Biennale 2011
Fortezza da basso, Florence, Italy

XV° Premio Internazionale Massenzio Arte
ISA (Istituto Superiore Antincendi), Rome, Italy