Sinking or swimming?

Fabrizia Ranelletti

Use of materials, archetypes of new and vital seeds. Hidden lines of strength laid bare in their cruel and absolute truth. Vibrant twistings and eddyings of tormented dramaturgy. The projects for representation chosen, in most cases, start from horizontal lines and then lead into three-dimensional structures...

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Lyric-chromatic fragments in a shattered world

Giuseppe Mannino

There are signs, though admittedly weak, which indicate a radical change in art. A dark period, full of uncertainty and confusion lasting nearly half a century seems to be coming to an end. This is the first reflection that Alessandro Di Cola’s works bring to mind...

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Alessandro Di Cola

Dante Maffìa

At a time when the crisis of art is overwhelmed by an avalanche of ambiguity leading to further crises and disorientation, the works of Alessandro Di Cola are a comfort indeed...

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Drama and works by Alessandro Di Cola

Claudio Crescentini

As in the frames of a Brit-movie of several years ago, the works of Alessandro Di Cola Seem to visualize the torment (the ecstasy?) of a mental and creative process that brushes the natural drama, to use cinema jargon and in our opinion, already present in the artist’s noticeable stylistic independence ultimately probes the deepest eidetic needs, searching for Man’s essence...

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